Argument On Technology

Argument On Technology

September 8, 2020

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Someone said to me,
Life was easy then,
It’s about some years ago,
When people had less ego.

I said, “I didn’t completely agree with you”.
He said,” Let me show you”.

Families may be far,
But they were in their heart,
There were no daily talks,
But we understand a lot.

I said, “Technology Connected us”.
He laughed and said, “It’s your imagination”.

Technology made things complicated,
Its made us more insecure,
We became more suspicious,
&ay be fictitious.

He said, “Technology increased awareness”.
He said, “It’s only your illusion”.

Technology made us superstitious,
There are a lot of fake news,
Spread of hate.
We are becoming narrow-minded.

I argued, “Technology made our life easy”.
He said, “It’s opposite what you said”.

Technology made us lazy.
Sometimes we missed special moments,
While taking selfies.
Now, we easily forget small things.

I said we can rely on technology.
He said it is not always true.

There is a lot of hackings,
To spy anyone became easy,
There are malware and spyware,
It can be a nightmare.

I was also out of arguments.
But somehow his logics was also correct.

Technology is a tool,
How to use it,
It’s in our hands,
It can be bitter or better.


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8 thoughts on “Argument On Technology

  1. I’m a tech person, and I know how things works. The argument is on point. There are also two different sides of anything. Technology gave us lot of amazing things and also gave us things that can become nightmare for us. This is very thought provoking poem, thank you so much for sharing this. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much for your appreciating words. 😊
      And you said it very true that every thing has two different sides and it’s also depends entirely on us how we see on anything. 😇

  2. Great poem, and wise words. I dunno, but it seems at some point we became tools of our tools. What technology gives, it takes something in return. It’s up to decide if the cost is worth it. On that note, time to read a book! 🙂

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