When pathOf your journeyis difficultThen sit tightlyTo enjoy realRoller coaster of lifeWork hard andDon’t give upMaybe you havesufferingsBut don’t forgetYour dreamsMaybe after thisIt will come trueSo just sit tightlyFor your […]

Thank You

Thank You

Thank youA big thank youTo doctors, nursespolice and every personwho helped a lot in pandemic. You also had difficultiesYou also had familiesBut you showed usHumanity still exists. It is impossibleTo […]

Blue Sky - acreativepoems

Blue Sky

Evening time,Sky seems,So high,Open like,Infinite thing,Small groupsOf clouds,Running like,It’s playground,Soft windsMaking happy,Giving me,Some time,In peace,With coffee,Life seems,Perfect in,This moment. Author’s opinion One day I thought that I should try to […]