When pathOf your journeyis difficultThen sit tightlyTo enjoy realRoller coaster of lifeWork hard andDon’t give upMaybe you havesufferingsBut don’t forgetYour dreamsMaybe after thisIt will come trueSo just sit tightlyFor your […]

Why I Dream

Why I dream?

Sometimes I think whyI have so many dreamsEven is it will come true?Someday. Travel, adventure, explorationMeeting inspirational personsHeping others alsoTo live their dreams is my dream. Sharing some wonderful storiesSome […]

I am just tired

I am Just

I am just tiredBut didn’t give upI am just confusedBut didn’t lost. I am just worriedBut didn’t disturbed.I am just angryBut didn’t seething I am just anxiousBut didn’t impatienceI am […]

a place poem

A Place

In search of a peaceful placea place there is no stressa place which gives peace to my minda place I want to find a place having beautiful mountain touching sky […]