January 24, 2021

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I try to be best
but still I feel it’s not enough.
Spending long time in thinking
What I am missing
What I wanted to get &
What I am doing now
What I should change &
What I should carry on
What is my capability
What is my desires.
Still feel sometime
My hard work is not enough &
It’s disappoints me sometimes.
Though I still not got
Result of my hard work
But I didn’t give up
I will try again.
Till I reach my end
I have came through
Half of my way
now I have to
Cross half distance
Towards my goal
There is no way to back.
Spent many sleepless night
Now there is no option
to give up
No chance !!!
Ready to work hard
& face every challenges
Not afraid of failures
Determined to get success.

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