Missing You…

December 4, 2020

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We thought
We will together always
We will together
Till lifetime.

But we had no idea
That we will apart so soon
We were no longer together
To accompany each other.

Still, remember
Those big smiles
Those small fights
Those loud noises.

When we were together
We can solve any problems
Sometimes random ideas
Made things better.

I messed up many times
You were always there
To save me from mom
With your random ideas.

Sometimes I were in a bad mood
You do random things
To make me
Smile again.

I know you are going
For your better future
Hope we will meet again
And remember together those days.

Author’s Opinion

This poem shows the emotions of two siblings, when they get separated from each other.

It is very difficult to live without a person with whom you had spend most of your time.

This poem resembles the relationship between me and my sister. We grow up with each other and always together. We shared laughter and tears.

But when she decided to go for study in another city I was happy but it was really difficult for me. I was filled with emotions and memories of childhood began to appear again.

So, I decided to write poem.

I hope you will like it.

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