Books is a gateWhich brings usTo another worldEvery time when we read. It’s biggest adventure parkWhich have many swingsSome stories are like a rollercoasterwhich make us a thrill. Some books […]



True friends are the saviorWhen you are in darkness& no one can hear youHe comes forward to protect you. A true friend can tellYour feelings & emotionsOnly hearing your voice& […]

Why I Dream

Why I dream?

Sometimes I think whyI have so many dreamsEven is it will come true?Someday. Travel, adventure, explorationMeeting inspirational personsHeping others alsoTo live their dreams is my dream. Sharing some wonderful storiesSome […]

I am just tired

I am Just

I am just tiredBut didn’t give upI am just confusedBut didn’t lost. I am just worriedBut didn’t disturbed.I am just angryBut didn’t seething I am just anxiousBut didn’t impatienceI am […]

Disaster Of Development

Disaster Of Development

Humans wanted developmentGrow higher and higherProsperity and progressIgnoring circumstances. There is race, becoming richIt became criteria for successUsing every possible optionTo win the competition. To fulfill our desires our own […]